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SEO Marketing, the missing piece of your Brazilian internet strategy

Our mission: Make the internet a powerful and profitable promotion and sales tool, attracting customers exactly when they're looking for your product or service, and maintaining a long relationship with them through Social Media.

Who we are

We've started our business in 2007, a time not many agencies were focusing their efforts in serious SEO / SEM strategies. Timing and good work made us quickly one of the main SEM agencies in Brazil.

In 2008, we achieved Google's AdWords Certified Agency certification.

From 2009 to 2012, SEO Marketing was part of SEMPO, Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization.

In 2010, we've started our Social Media Business. Inittially part of our SEO strategy, it quickly became a separate Business Unit.

In 2012, Daniela Fávero became a partner, along with Bernhard Schultze, the agency founder.

Still in 2012, Bernhard Schultze become the leader of the Search Comite at APADI, São Paulo's Digital Agency association.

In 2013, SEO Marketing became the leader of the TOPSEOs ranking of Brazilian SEO agencies.

Today, SEO Marketing has 35 employees focusing in making Google and Social Networks the most important lead generation tools of your company!

What do we do?

Google Marketing Digital Marketing Search Marketing Inbound Marketing Social Media Marketing Performance Marketing
  • SEO
  • Google AdWords
  • Mobile Ads
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Analytics
  • Planning
  • Youtube
  • Remarketing
  • SMO

Whatever you want to call it, our mission is to make your company generate profit from the internet. Therefore, we work 5 pillars, individually or together:

  1. Google Search (SEO and AdWords)
  2. Google Display or other portals
  3. Social Networks
  4. Google Analytics
  5. Planning

Success stories

In 6 years, we've supported hundreds of customers. Learn about some of them.

SEO Marketing - Directors

Benhard Schultze

Benhard Schultze

With a bachelor degree in Computer Science (PUC)and post-graded im Marketing ( ESPM), Bernhard has a large background in technolgy companies, having worked in Cabletron (Enterasys), Nortel and Intel. in 2006 he founded SEO Marketing, his first start-up. Married, 3 childreen, Bernhard loves a good Hard Rock song, and spends his early mornings riding his bike while he listens to his favorite bands Gamma Ray, Iron Maiden, Helloween...

Bernhard Shcultze's profile  in LinkedIn
Daniela Raketis

Daniela Fávero

Daniela Fávero has a bachelor degree in Advertising (PUC). SEO Marketing was her first job back in 2008, and her focus oriented skills quickly turn her into the SEM manager. At the end of 2011, she was offered a partner position, which she thankfully accepted. Besides her partner roles, Daniela leads the Customer Support department.

Agência Certificada AdWords

A SEO Marketing é Agência Certificada Adwords

Google divulga case ASUS

Caso de Sucesso oficial do Google com a Asus e SEO Marketing.


A Fundação José Luiz Setúbal, através do Hospital Infantil Sabará, Instituto Pensi e Autismo & Realidade, utiliza os serviços da SEO Marketing há quase 10 anos. Neste periodo eles foram responsáveis pela criação e manuteção e serviço de SEO, e hoje em dia administram nossas redes sociais que são compostas de nossos portais (são 3), Facebook (são 2 páginas), instagram, twitter e nosso blog Saúde Infantil. Seu trabalho conosco foi sempre muito bom, trazendo os resultados acima do esperado.

José Luiz Setúbal
Hospital infantil Sabará

Meetup SEMRush 2017 na Rússia Felipe Bazon participou do evento WNSM realizado pela SEMRUSH na Rússia

O SEMrush convidou 40 dos principais profissionais de SEO no mundo para o seu encontro anual, em São Petersburgo, na Rússia. Nosso diretor de SEO, Felipe Bazon, foi um deles. Confira o que aconteceu no evento.


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